Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse!


Was founded in 1849 (Gregorian calendar) in the multiverse, and it's 163rd edition took place on your insignificant world in Miami, FL on DECEMBER 14TH 2012 at the Miami Art Museum."CLICK"

The festival is a visual glimpse into the many layers of CHRIS BOSH, and is the experimental component of the Borscht Film Festival which takes place on a completely different night and venue and dimension and is completely 100% freeeeee. ALL LIFE IS REAL.


How do you feel about Bosh's injury? Do you think he'll be back and on the court anytime soon?

Bosh's injury is an absolute fiction. As the keeper of the Great Sword of Gorg-Dak-Tox Bosh occasionally has duties to the Star Prince PXXA. He was called away on duty and will return to the court once he has vanquished his foes. Bosh's sinews know nothing of mammalian weakness.

- Is Chris Bosh your favorite Heat player? You can be honest.

Chris Bosh can only be appreciated when contextualized outside of the basketball court. Bosh is celestial, his time is near. Udonis Haslem is my spirit animal.

- Are all the facts on the site actual facts? How is this related to the Borscht Film Fest? Is Bosh better than Borscht?

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All of the facts on the site are absolutely true somewhere in the multiverse. Because of our limited scope of perception we may not be able to understand truth as it exists, but how do you explain a sphere to a two-dimensional being? This is the nature of Christopher Bosh. Thus spake Bosh.

BLEEDING PALM created the website, and kept a running diary (heavily edited):

- Tell me about the new sleepwalking song. What's your thing with James Jones or their thing? Any quotes on the song?

For the 2012 playoffs we commissioned Miami music makers Sleepwalking to create this song:

Sleepwalking isn't necessarily a real band because it's members only create music when they are astral traveling. They are making a soundtrack for the mythical lives of the Miami Heat roster except for Shane Battier who is a warlock practicing dark arts that disrupt the astral traveling of the band.

The song has been proven to have mild psychedelic effects and improves 3-point shooting percentage when listened to on headphones.

- Can the Heat win without Bosh?

It depends on the game. If we are talking about the primitive arithmetic of 'basketball' then yes. If we are talking about the real game being played before our very eyes that we can never understand, then no.