Crazy Bro


  • Molts live on tv for charity
  • not weird
  • Plays Basketball; Good at it.
  • Nicknamed "CB4*" omg look at the lines on my hands they are moving crawling sl
  • Rescues kittens, which is special because he is allergic
  • Plays Basketball; Good at it.
  • Chris Bosh has a goatee in closeups, yet on wide shots it disappears to human eyes. Only Octopi can see it at all times. In the scientific community this is known as "scotoma."
  • Actual twitter account is @horse_ebooks
  • Not yet a hologram
  • During Operation Iraqi Freedom The Department of Defense hired CHRIS BOSH to "just stand at the Iraqi border and look freaky."
  • Chris Bosh was originally hired by the Toronto Raptors to act as the team mascot. In a fit of confusion, he escaped looking for his mother, wrecking havoc through old Londontown until he was sedated. This incident was the basis for the 1961 British kaiju film "Gorgo."
  • *Khandi Alexander is so damn fine in that one scene

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